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Where is your coffee Roasted?

Our coffee is roasted out of a facility in the upstate of South Carolina.

When do you roast your coffee?

All of our coffee is roasted to order.  So when you place your order on the website the order is put into production and roasted to meet your needs.  This typically takes a few business days and then the order will ship as soon as it is done roasting.  This process ensures the your order gets to you as the absolute freshest, most flavorful coffee product that we can produce.

What shipping methods are available for your shop?

We ship using USPS and UPS.  Custom orders or larger orders placed through the RFR office can be shipped with different carriers, but all e-commerce orders use our primary shippers.

Are each of the custom dark and light roast labels a different coffee roast?

No.  Our house light and dark roasts come with 7 different label options to best match you angling desires, but the roast is the same across the 7 labels.  Different coffee roasts will be featured in the shop over time, but they will be listed as separate products.

What beans do you use in your coffee roasts?

Most of our roasts are blends, but the base for most of our coffee roasts come from a Brazilian peaberry coffee bean.

Can you do custom labels for me or my company?

We do work with partners and conservation organizations on custom coffee roasts and labels.  Feel free to reach out to us about partnerships or conservation opportunities if you have interest in working with us!

Can you order coffee on a subscription basis?

Absolutely.  We offer subscription purchasing for all of our coffee products and encourage our customers to utilize subscriptions for recurring coffee purchases to preserve freshness and flavor over bulk orders.

How do you flavor your roasts?

Not all flavoring methods are created equal.  We believe in the integrity of our roasts, and as such want to preserve the natural quality of the coffee as much as possible.  With that in mind, our coffee is flavored immediately after it is done roasting.  While it’s still warm, the whole beans are tumbled with a small amout of flavoring which is absorbed as the beans cool.  This preserves the structure of the roast while adding that bit of flavoring that will knock your socks off!

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